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Hi Friends,

I became frustrated with my weight.  I would work-out, diet and still only lose 4 -5 lbs… then gain it all back the next week. This yo-yo cycle went on for 10 years!I’m a professional singer and in June 2009, I was about to begin a grueling solo gig…Not only did I need to fit in my costumes…but I also needed to have the energy to sing for 4 hours per night, 2 nights in a row…each weekend.

While attending a function at the Woman’s Club of Hollywood in Hollywood, CA, my friend Louise noticed that I was barely touching my lunch and definitely not having the cheese cake dessert.

She told me about Isagenix and said that it was the healthy way to cleanse your body, have extra energy, lose weight (especially inches) by replacing my food with “Super Foods” that were healthy…Six weeks ago I started on the Isagenix Cleansing program…I have super energy…Lost the weight…Lost the inches…Fit in my old clothes…and I feel great!

Even the cellulite went away…And the gig went great! It’s no joke…If you want to feel better…look better…lose those stubborn lbs. & inches...

Kathy Bee

June 1st 2009 158 lbs. July 13th 2009 145 lbs.
& lost 10 inches

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Check Out The Isagenix Home Page At
Then contact me directly at

Check Out The Isagenix Home Page At
Then contact me directly at